Puppet Society

by The Rebel Riot

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released September 14, 2012



all rights reserved


The Rebel Riot Band Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Rebel Riot is a punk band from Yangon, Myanmar, formed in 2007 after the onset of the Saffron Revolution. During this time in Myanmar many people were protesting against the oppression and corruption of the military system. Rebel Riot playing small underground gigs. They wanted to use music as a way to speak about freedom and the errors of the current political system. ... more

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Track Name: Street Punx
01.Street Punks Oi!

Militarist systems are against us
We stand against their system
We don’t care for their fucking rules
We are still fighting for a way of life

Street punks Street punks
Way of life
Street punks street punks
Oi Oi Oi

We are strong and proud to be Oi street punk
Military and Conservatives make us sick
Reject the rules
Fight for our rights
Oi street punk is a fucking way of life
Track Name: United Forever Fight Together
02.United Forever Fight Together

Ever we are strong and proud
Punk and skin forever around the world
We stand together
Divided we fall
Smash the racists
Smash the fascists
Change the system of the world
(United forever fight together
Fight together United forever x 2)
Track Name: Lower Class
03.Lower Class

No human rights & no justice in our lives!
We have no work and are suppressed.
There is no justice here.
We are hungry but have nothing to eat.
We are the victims!

We are poor and without a chance.
Lower class, Lower class, Lower class!
We live in a selfish system.
Lower class, Lower class, Lower class!
Track Name: 04.Fucking Boss
04.Fucking Boss

Every day you rip us off!!
You can only see the profits!
You don’t care for worker’s problems.
You go against our human rights to get richer.
but money cannot buy you everything.

fucking boss X 2
Mother fucker (Fucking boss)
Fucking boss X 2
Son of bitch (Fucking Boss)

Track Name: Can’t Control
05.Can’t Control

Every day we spike our hair
We wear our favorite band’s t-shirts and bondage pants.
We wear bullet belt and steel-toed boots

We change our mind, we change our rhyme
Our freedom can’t be controlled
Coz punk saved our life
We change our mind, we change our rhyme

(Can’t control, can’t control,
Our freedom can’t be controlled) x2
Track Name: 06.Drug Victim
07.Drug Victim

You’re always fucked up on some fucking drugs
Day by day, just drugs for life
Heroin, cocaine, crack, and meth…
This kind of shit can’t save your life

Against your wrong fucking way!
Please see the truth
Open your fucking mind

I can see that you are blind
You have no choice
You have no chance
The fucking drugs control your life

Against your wrong fucking way!
Please see the truth
Open your fucking mind
Track Name: Puppet Society
07.Puppet Society

In my view, they all are puppets
They can never cut their strings
They are alive, but the life is dead

They never own themselves
They never know about freedom
Because they are full of controls for life