Fuck Religious Rules​/​Wars

by The Rebel Riot

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This album's name is called "Fuck Religious Rules/wars.
All songs are more about system error of Political, Religions, Education, etc...
Especially, inside of Myanmar's shit happens.
We want to said something our opinion with this album to the world.



released March 1, 2014



all rights reserved


The Rebel Riot Band Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

Rebel Riot is a punk band from Yangon, Myanmar, formed in 2007 after the onset of the Saffron Revolution. During this time in Myanmar many people were protesting against the oppression and corruption of the military system. Rebel Riot playing small underground gigs. They wanted to use music as a way to speak about freedom and the errors of the current political system. ... more

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Track Name: Lower Class
The loss of human rights and the difference of human standard

More and more jobless people every day

Problem of the price of goods and the grassroots people

The more we struggle, the more we are sinking

It’s our life…

We are kind of people under oppressive system

We are kind of people with poverty and hunger
Track Name: Fuck religious Rules/Wars
Track Name: Who? When? How?
Track Name: Innocent Victims
Innocent Victims

People in the world are endangered

Flooding, Earthquakes, Storms everywhere

Challenging the world in danger

Wars are happening many times around the world

Conflicts are going long
Innocent Victims

People’s properties are victims between these dangers

How would people live in between these dangers?

Soothe your Pretends and arrogance

And looking for the answer

Get rid of anger and arrogance

And live your life

Human, give kindness to each other

In this situation

Track Name: Stop racism, Against 969, Fuck fascist monks
Stop racism, Against 969, Fuck fascist monks

Putting 969 stickers without knowing anything about it

It’s group of people’s blind nationalism

Nothing is fucking useful, creating social conflicts

“Stop racism, against 969, fuck facist monks”

Using religion for social hatred

Use that for the Political tricks

It’s only terrorism of 969 bald heads

Stop racism, Against 969, Fuck fascist monks

A group of blind nationalists behind 969 stickers

It shouldn’t be extreme for our country and people

Why don’t you sympathize for our people from other country?

Stop racism, Against 969, Fuck fascist monks

Track Name: Stop all fucking wars
Stop all fucking wars

(War)x4 Stop all fucking wars……

3x (For refugees and all innocent people)

(War)x4 Stop all fucking wars……

For children from the battle

For children who are between the bomb explosions

(War)x4 Stop all fucking wars……
Track Name: Resistance

No fear, no backwards, we are fucking Punx!

Our belief, our , our strong resistance,

Even there is restrictions, we don’t fucking care

And go forward

All the oppressive systems….Fuck You!